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Jewellery In Ireland?

Welcome to Forgotten China where we love sourcing old (mainly vintage) china and
upcycling it into beautiful china pieces that are designed to be used on a
daily basis and not hidden away, gathering dust!

Our aim is to bring old china back into use on a daily basis, rather than just taking it out for special occasions. Each piece of china chosen for our creations showcases a beautiful design that harks back to an age gone by, or is reminiscent of the plates and cups on the tables of our mothers and grandmothers. 




I get lots of requests from people to want to make jewellery, cake stands, candles or lights from their own personal china. Sometimes people get in touch because they have a couple of teacups, saucers or plates left over from a set and they want to do something different and innovative with them, but often it's because they want to pass on their cherished china to a loved one in a new and creative way. 




  • Thank you Julie for your exquisite pieces from my Mum's china plate - 4 pendants, cufflinks and earrings. After Mum passed away in 1989 the contents of her China Cabinet were packed away without us ever knowing what we would do with it. Then, this year, I found Julie and 'Forgotten China'. Today I proudly gave these pieces as gifts to my sister Sandra, nephew and my two daughters - the grandchildren she never met. There were some tears shed! We will wear them with love. Thank you Julie. Wishing you every success for 2017. X 🌻
    Jackie, Dublin, Ireland. December 2016

  • Forgotten China turns beautiful vintage china into works of art.
    Elaine, Co.Clare, Ireland. 2016

  • Amazing bespoke 10 cup light made for me. Love it. Worth every penny. Great communication. Well packaged. Thanks very much. Am sure it will be a talking point for years to come.
    Rachel, Scotland, 2015.

  • I love my new ring and have gotten so many compliments since I've been home!
    Alex, Ohio, U.S.A. January 2017

  • "Hi Julie, I've been meaning to email you for the last few months to thank you for the beautiful pieces you made out of a china platter which belonged to my Mum. My extremely thoughtful friend, had the wonderful idea of contacting you to see what you could do with the damaged platter, seeing as our attempts to salvage it with superglue failed miserably. The results of your talented labour left me speechless and in tears, the platter was one of my Mum's favourite pieces and I know she would be delighted to see it resurrected so beautifully".
    Aisling, Cork, Ireland. March 2017


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