Another lovely commission....

Another lovely commission that I worked on recently was a pretty special request from a lady for a vintage china pendant. She wanted it to be created from a china teacup which had belonged to her mother (who had passed away) in order to gift it to her niece. She had a specific part of the teacup that she was looking to be made into the pendant which is shown in the pictures below along with the finished piece! What do you think?



The finished piece was then given by my customer to her niece just before her wedding day. Her niece now has a unique and special necklace created from a part of her granny's teacup - a pretty special and thoughtful present just before her wedding I think

If this is something that you're interested in doing for yourself or for a someone else, just pop me a mail at or leave a comment below. I often receive pieces of china through the post from customers living outside of Dublin/Ireland who are looking for jewellery pieces to be created from their own china so this is something that can be arranged, regardless of where you're based! xxx

One of my favourite things....

One of my favourite parts (and there are many!) of Forgotten China is taking commissions from customers who are looking for me to create new pieces of jewellery from their own china.

The latest commission was from a lady who received a china set as a wedding gift over 40 years ago and had recently broken one of the teacups. Instead of throwing it out, she contacted me and asked if I could create some jewellery pieces as gifts for her daughters, son and niece.

These pictures show some of the original broken pieces and two of the finished pendants. I also made cufflinks and earrings for her but of course, I forgot to take pictures of those pieces :-( :-:-( What do you think?

I love the fact that each piece is unique and special but more than that, I love that there's a story behind the pieces; that the broken china wasn't thrown away but instead, it was used to create beautiful gifts of handmade heirloom jewellery to be worn and passed down through the generations

If you're looking to do something similar with your own china/pottery for yourself or for gifts, just get in touch at, 086 8440795 or leave a comment below :-) :-)

Local Enterprise Week

As part of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Local Enterprise Week, I spent part of yesterday listening to a talk given by clinical psychologist Dr. Maureen Gaffney entitled "Managing Change, Resilience and Being at your Best".  She spoke about the importance of emotional intelligence (as virtually everything we do relies on our emotions), the power of a positive attitude & a smile and the significance of first impressions. 

She also outlined some key attributes to being a successful entrepreneur; 

  • the capacity to tolerate high levels of uncertainty
  • the ability to tolerate high levels of stress and anxiety
  • the ability to stay connected to the big picture as well as staying focused on immediate tasks; and knowing when to switch between the two!

She spoke for about 90 mins and I could have listened to her all day; totally inspiring! I've already ordered her book "Flourishing" and another one that she recommended by Daniel Kahnman, "Thinking Fast and Slow". Hopefully I'll be just as inspired when reading them! Anyone else read either of them?


Julie SwanComment
Creating beautiful jewellery from family heirlooms

Loved working on this recently for a customer who popped a plate in the post to me (similar to this one) along with a note asking if I could make some jewellery from it  The plate had belonged to her grandmother and she was hoping to have a bracelet and necklace created from it.

I put together a couple of options and sent on some pictures to see what she thought. Thankfully she loved them and chose her favourite necklace and bracelet option! The finished pieces were put together and sent off in the post with a mail arriving the following day, saying "I just wanted to say a massive thank you, I received the items this morning and I couldn't be happier with them. I love them! My grandmother would be delighted also! " 

If you'd like to do something similar for yourself or for gifts for family members/friends this Christmas, just get in touch by mail ( or leave a comment below to arrange! xxx

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Turning old china pieces into beautiful vintage jewellery!

Customers are often contacting Forgotten China to ask whether or not we can turn old china into cake stands, candles or jewellery....and the answer is, yes we can! Everything that you see on the Forgotten China website can be created from your own china which makes the finished pieces so special and sentimental. 

One of the commissions that I worked on during the summer was for a new customer. She contacted me asking if I could make some jewellery pieces from one of her mother's broken teacups. This customer wanted to give the jewellery pieces as a special gift to her daughter who was moving to Australia. This is the original teacup with some of my markings for potential jewellery pieces!


A few weeks later and these finished jewellery pieces were picked up by a very happy customer :-) What do you think?


I love the fact that an Irish girl who is now living in Australia is wearing pieces of Forgotten China jewellery created from her Granny's broken teacup  What a nice reminder of home and a very special and sentimental gift from her Mum

Creating jewellery pieces, cake stands, candles and lights from your own china allows you to create "new" unique pieces for yourself or for gifts.

I'd love to know what you think or if you have any queries regarding how to order pieces created from your own china, just leave a comment below xxx