Turning old china pieces into beautiful vintage jewellery!

Customers are often contacting Forgotten China to ask whether or not we can turn old china into cake stands, candles or jewellery....and the answer is, yes we can! Everything that you see on the Forgotten China website can be created from your own china which makes the finished pieces so special and sentimental. 

One of the commissions that I worked on during the summer was for a new customer. She contacted me asking if I could make some jewellery pieces from one of her mother's broken teacups. This customer wanted to give the jewellery pieces as a special gift to her daughter who was moving to Australia. This is the original teacup with some of my markings for potential jewellery pieces!


A few weeks later and these finished jewellery pieces were picked up by a very happy customer :-) What do you think?


I love the fact that an Irish girl who is now living in Australia is wearing pieces of Forgotten China jewellery created from her Granny's broken teacup  What a nice reminder of home and a very special and sentimental gift from her Mum

Creating jewellery pieces, cake stands, candles and lights from your own china allows you to create "new" unique pieces for yourself or for gifts.

I'd love to know what you think or if you have any queries regarding how to order pieces created from your own china, just leave a comment below xxx