Local Enterprise Week

As part of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Local Enterprise Week, I spent part of yesterday listening to a talk given by clinical psychologist Dr. Maureen Gaffney entitled "Managing Change, Resilience and Being at your Best".  She spoke about the importance of emotional intelligence (as virtually everything we do relies on our emotions), the power of a positive attitude & a smile and the significance of first impressions. 

She also outlined some key attributes to being a successful entrepreneur; 

  • the capacity to tolerate high levels of uncertainty
  • the ability to tolerate high levels of stress and anxiety
  • the ability to stay connected to the big picture as well as staying focused on immediate tasks; and knowing when to switch between the two!

She spoke for about 90 mins and I could have listened to her all day; totally inspiring! I've already ordered her book "Flourishing" and another one that she recommended by Daniel Kahnman, "Thinking Fast and Slow". Hopefully I'll be just as inspired when reading them! Anyone else read either of them?


Julie SwanComment