Choose Forgotten China for Unique Vintage Cake Stands in Ireland

If you are a lover of afternoon tea, or enjoy hosting coffee mornings with your friends, you will love our bespoke cake stands. Made from old and vintage cups, saucers, jugs and plates, our china cake stands vary from single-tiered sizes right up to two tiered stands. Lovingly upcycled at Forgotten China, we have lots of options to choose from. 

Perfect Centrepieces, Buying Bespoke Cake Stands Online

Nothing beats the chic look of a vintage cake stand. It is the perfect decorative piece to showcase your homemade pastries, scones, cakes, brownies and all manner of baked goods. Even if you are not a keen baker, they are the perfect way to feature your shop bought goods (without your friends knowing you did not make them yourself). You need not worry about breakage when you buy a cake stand from our online store as we can flat pack them for ease of transport in the post and ease of storage in your kitchen cupboard.

Alternative Uses of Our China Cake Stands

The best part about purchasing one of our stands is that you can use them for showcasing much more than food. They are the perfect base to create a stunning floral arrangement and are ideal for family celebrations such as weddings and Christmas. Imagine a cake stand interwoven with orchids for a beautiful top table centrepiece, or filled with poinsettia for a festive surprise? A really practical option for our single or two tier stands, is to use them as alternative jewellery boxes, or keep them in the kitchen to hold fresh cloves of garlic and whole pieces of ginger.



The below products are a selection of pieces available for purchase