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I get lots of requests from people who wish to have jewellery, cake stands or candles created from their own personal china. Sometimes people get in touch because they have a couple of teacups, saucers or plates left over from a set and they want to do something different and innovative with them, but often it’s because they want to pass on their cherished china to a loved one in a new and creative way. These new pieces make unique and precious keepsakes and the privilege of creating them for my customers is a very special one.

Every piece tells a story, and hearing the background to a particular commission is one of my favourite things. One lovely man brought me a teacup from his parents' wedding china to make pieces of jewellery for his three sisters. Another thoughtful lady wanted to give a sentimental (but easily packed!) gift to her daughter before she emigrated to Australia, so she gave me one of her mother's china side plates to make a necklace and matching earrings. Creating new heirlooms from old ones brings me great joy and I just love seeing people's reactions when I give them back their 'new' piece of china!

Let me help you make new memories with your special china – you can reach me on 00 353 86 844 0795 or drop a mail to with any questions.


Recent Commissions


From Broken Teacups to Unique Jewellery Pieces


One of my favourite parts of Forgotten China is taking commissions and creating pieces of handmade jewellery from your own vintage teacups, saucers and plates. I love hearing the stories behind the china pieces, why you want to create something from it and who you are giving the finished pendants, earrings or cufflinks to. Generally, you're looking to give the jewellery to sisters, mothers, brothers or daughters for birthdays/special occasions and sometimes, I end up meeting the final recipients as they often become customers themselves, wanting to create pieces for other special people in their own lives ♥

This particular commission that I worked on was from a request from a customer looking for her mum's broken teacup to be turned into earrings and a pendant. I loved the way they worked out!


Transforming a Vintage China Side Plate into Cufflinks

This was the latest commission that I worked on; creating a pair of cufflinks from an old china side plate for a customer's brother's 40th birthday. The plate had belonged to their granny. Delighted with how they worked out and love seeing the cufflinks "in action"!


A Very Special Wedding Gift

A recent commission that I worked on was a pretty special request from a lady for a vintage china pendant. She wanted it to be created from a china teacup which had belonged to her mother (who had passed away) in order to gift it to her niece. She had a specific part of the teacup that she was looking to be made into the pendant which is shown in the pictures along with the finished piece.

The finished piece was then given by my customer to her niece just before her wedding day. Her niece now has a unique and special necklace created from a part of her granny's teacup - a pretty special and thoughtful present just before her wedding I think