Pretty Pendant Lighting, a Unique Decorative Option for Your Home

One of our favourite ways to upcycle teacups into home accessories is to turn them into pendant lighting products. In Ireland, pendant lights have become a really popular decorative lighting option recently. This lighting option is also known as drop or suspender lighting and focuses on a single light fixture that hangs from the ceiling. However, you will not find our Forgotten China versions anywhere else as they are re-purposed from our specially sourced china from Irish auction houses and they tell their own unique story.

You might often see them suspended on a metal rod, cord or chain, but ours are hung on braided flex. This is because of the elegant look that this achieves, coupled with the truly unique styling option that it creates. It also gives our customers additional customisation options when it comes to choosing colours. We also love creating multiples and our pendant style teacup lights come in three, five, or ten cluster options. These are really striking when hung in a straight line over kitchen countertops, as a statement accessory in a living room, or even as an unexpected surprise in a bathroom.


Buying Upcycled Pendant Lights from Ireland

All of our pendant style teacup lights have been made and wired to specific CE standards. They give a soft and soothing glow which brightens up any home or business as they shine through the china. They can be wired in two ways; to a plug or a ceiling rose. It all depends on customer preference. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for a relative who loves home décor accessories, or a friend who dabbles in interior design, upcycled teacup lights are the perfect choice. For someone who lives outside of Ireland, they are the perfect token to gift them as they encompass both the old (vintage Irish china), with the new (unique pendant lighting).

Decorative Vintage Lights, Side Table Lamps and Desk Lamps

We also offer vintage style desk lamps and side table lamps which make for very eclectic living room décor, or in a creative office looking for a quirky piece to liven up the room. Our desk lamps have a variety of finishes including antique sprayed brass, sprayed silver, or powder black and they make for really unique gifts. They are especially personal if a customer brings in their own old china cup and gifts it as an upcycled lamp to a loved one.

The below products are a selection of pieces available for purchase